About SCE Lab


We currently focus on the applicative and theoretical studies for biomedical engineering to create new fundamental technologies. Our target includes medical/biological applications and social-welfare robotics. The topics of our research are summarized as follows.

1) Development of predictive system on drug effectivenss in cancer therapy (Systems Biology)
2) Biomechanics analysis of cancer cells (Biomechannics)
3) Single molecule imaging with AFM and its speed-up technique by new controller (Nano-scale Imaging and Control Theory)
4) Development of power asist suit to help people in welfare/nursing-care fields (Social-welfare Robot)
5) Invention of helpful instruments that are used in hospital by those who require nursing care (Social-welfare Instrument)

We welcome any excited collaborative works with researchers all over the world.


What's new


2011/09/20   Mr. Kurita (M1) had a presentation on NN-based discrimination system for powerd suit at SICE AC in Tokyo.

2011/09/20   Mr. Hanai (M1) had a presentation on indentation analysis of MCF7 cells at SICE AC in Tokyo.

2011/09/15   Mr. Hanai (M1) had a presentation on indentation analysis of MCF7 cells at MECJ in Tokyo.

2011/09/15   Mr. Kashiwagi (M1) had a presentation on waist power assist suit at MECJ in Tokyo.

2011/09/01   Mr. Kenmochi (M1) had a presentation on particle simulation of PC3 cells at IFAC WC in Milano.

2011/07/01   Mr. Ogawa (M2) had a presentation on nonlinear control for AFM at MoVic2011 in Nagano.